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MyFlashLab Native Extensions & libraries are a must have great bundle for any mobile AIR project


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You like to test the waters first and see if our ANEs are good enough for you? Challenge accepted! Visit our Github page and start downloading!


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Let us take the hassle away, just code in pure ActionScript 3 while having full control over the native platform API


Focus on What Matters

Let us save your precious time and just focus on what matters the most, making awesome apps

What happened to Nothing bad happened actually but we just got bigger! MyAppSnippet and DoItFlash devs merged together and now we're all MyFlashLabs. Click here to learn more about our mission and find out why we've decided so.

Instant Updates

Just sit back and relax! No worries about new SDK versions, compatibility issues and blah blah! We are, so you don't have to!

Free Download & Test

You heard it right! We are so confident that have put all of our ANEs for free plus their example codes and sample projects so you can test and see them in action before investigating any further. Checkout our Github page to learn more.


Clean Code

Improper and deprecated code can break functionality, corrupt data, or worse. With MyFlashLabs ANEs, nothing but the latest SDK features are used with the best practices in mind.

Comprehensive Documentation

Each ANE and library comes with its ASDoc and lots of different sample projects and examples in FlashBuilder, Adobe Flash CC and FlashDevelop.


Built by Flash Nerds Like You

We are a team of cool dudes and dudettes passionate about AS3, Adobe AIR and cross-platform mobile development. We know the flash world since 2002 and love it so deep that we ourselves sometimes wonder "why is that?"!

Top-notch Support

By joining our club, you not only get all of our current and future ANEs and libraries all at once but also get our unlimited support for all of our products! Click here to learn more. Haven't you join the club yet? No worries, feel free to contact us from our Github page or contact page.


Trusted by Adobe & Hundreds of Flash Devs

We're so proud that Adobe has put our ANEs on their showcase page and hundreds of Flash devs trusted and downloaded our libraries. In MyFlashLabs, quality and performance come first. Trust your eyes and follow you heart cause that's what we're doing here.


What Others Say About Us

we’ve requested that your ANE be added to the ANE page. It should be in the next update :)
Chris Campbell, Adobe Inc.
You guys rock! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Thanks to GCM ANE, we've just launched our 4th app!
Collete K.
I don't always clop, but when I do, it's because of Rich Web View. Man, this thing is getting better and better.
Ursula X.
I love GPS Extension.
Marice Y, Kuler Games Inc.
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