Augmented Reality ANE (Android+iOS)


Bring AR to your Adobe Air mobile projects with this awesome Augmented Reality ANE. You won’t need any 3D engine knowledge and you can manage AR through JS

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Augmented Reality ANE V3.2 (Android+iOS)

Do not wait a minute and start creating AR applications right away with this awesome Augmented Reality ANE! checkout our github channel and test the extension in your projects. the demo version of this ANE will show an Alert window as soon as it is initialized which will be removed as soon as you purchase the final version in this page.

No 3D engine or openGL programming is required! you will load and engage with your AR content through an easy JavaScript API!


Apple has acquired Metaio and the Metaio AR SDK is no longer available and in result of that, purchase of our AR ANE is no longer available. we are investigating the alternatives and soon will update this page. read here for more information

Current State: Waiting on Wikitude to add ANE specific features to their iOS side of the SDK


R&D 100%
Flash side 100%
Android Side 100%
iOS side 90%
Sync Android with iOS side 1%
Sync Native sides with Flash 1%
asDoc 1%
finalization 1%



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