The Finest Collection of AIR Native Extensions

In MyFlashLabs you can find the most comprehensive ANEs you've ever needed for your everyday project.


Build Incredible Apps Efficiently

Take advantage of MyFlashLabs Debugging, Inspecting, and synced Native Extensions & libraries while developing your app.


Club Package is an Ultimate Saving

We have a very long list of ANEs and when you join the club, you will have access to all our current and future ANEs.


The Only Easy ANE Implementation Solution

With MyFlashLabs ANELAB software you can implement ANEs into your AIR projects in seconds, and error free!


We Also Offer ANEs Source Codes

We provide ANEs' Source Codes in 'Gold' packs! Download and upgrade your app development level.


Launch Fast & Smooth

Speedup your workflow by 240%! Let us take the hassle away, just code in pure ActionScript 3 while having full control over the native platform API.


Join MyFlashLabs club and have instance access to all our current and future ANEs. When you join the club you will be able to login to the ANELAB software and start adding ANEs to your project. ANELAB implements ANEs into your project automatically and configures the manifest .xml file on the fly.

Although the software can do the implementation for you automatically, you may wish to embed the ANEs in the old fashioned way and manually. You still have that option of course.

Always up to date

Here at MyFlashLabs, we keep our ANEs up-to-dated. We are always watching the native SDK’s changes and will update the ANEs as soon as they’re required. We have proven our fast and efficient performance multiple times over years. when we updated our ANEs to support iOS 12.0 compilation and also when we updated our ANEs to support Android 64-bit support. Using MyFlashLabs AIR Native Extensions means you will be supported in hard times. We got your back.

Premium Support

We are providing you with a long list of ANEs for a very small price. We are keeping the ANEs updated so you don’t have to worry about the native side at all. We are also providing you documentations and sample projects so you can implement the ANEs and use them in your projects. In case you would need more direct tech-support, we are there for you. You can subscribe to our premium support package and get tech-support in less than 24 hours.

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