ANE-LAB lets you easily use an AIR Native Extension in Adobe AIR apps

The Dawn of a New Era in ANE Implementation

ANE-LAB by MyFlashLabs Team, changes the way you used to use ANEs forever! It is an ultimate solution for implementing ANEs into Adobe AIR applications easy & fast. ANE-LAB lets you easily use an AIR Native Extension in Adobe AIR applications.

You may watch this video to just get a glitch of what ANE-LAB has to offer to your AIR app development workflow:



ANE-LAB helps you use ANEs automatically, in seconds, and error free

What Is It?

ANE-LAB helps you implement any ANE into your AIR application in just a matter of seconds.
Hadi, MyFlashLabs Founder

According to our surveys and statistics more than 90% of support tickets are related to mis-configuration of ANEs by AIR developers. In other terms, human mistakes have been very probable while configuring an AIR Native Extension in a project. The ANE-LAB software solves this problem!

In simple terms ANE-LAB helps you use and configure ANEs automatically, in seconds, and error free.


Download ANE-LAB for free


Heads up! Although only MyFlashLabs club members are eligible to use ANE-LAB for their AIR applications, it is free to download. Cheers! Click here to read more about the club membership benefits.

So if you have joined the awesomeness, MyFlashLabs Club Membership, before then you’re already up-do-date! So stop losing time on reading ANEs instructions, or getting distracted by configuring your AIR app manifest file for each AIR Native Extension! Simply let ANE-LAB take care of all of these, and you focus on what matters mostly to you, which is your AIR app development and business plan!



ANE-LAB handles everything about AIR Native Extension implementation automatically


ANE-LAB will take away the hassle of AIR Native Extension implementation in AIR projects. There will be no human mistakes as it does everything automatically in a matter of seconds.

Some of the bold things ANE-LAB handles automatically:

  • Configuring the Manifest file.
  • Copying the dependencies an ANE has.
  • Copying the resources the ANE has.
  • Copying the iOS *.framework files the ANE needs.
  • Knowing the minimum requirments the ANE needs.
  • Explore, edit, or replace resources in any ANE.
  • What else do you need? Let us know!


Resource Manager Tool

Resource Manager Tool (RMT) feature of ANE-LAB doesn’t require signup. Cheers!

With ANE-LAB you can also explore, edit, or replace resources in any ANE! The RMT feature of ANE-LAB give you direct and easy access to the resource files in any AIR Native Extension. You can explore and edit any resources; add or delete them. You no longer are forced to use the pre-set graphic resources in ANEs. You can easily drag an ANE into the software and explore its resources.

Without this feature, you had to go through a lot of complicated steps to extract an ANE manually and repackage or compile it again after changing the resources. But from now on, you can edit ANE resources in a few clicks.


ANE-LAB is compatible with all IDEs

Fits just Right in

Of course ANE-LAB is compatible with all IDEs. IntelliJ, Adobe Animate, Flash Builder, Flash Develop, or whatever! It doesn’t make any difference! You simply feed ANE-LAB with your project assets and config files, and you’re on AutoPilot. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


Philosophy behind ANE-LAB

The Philosophy Behind

Developing with AIR platform is supposed to be fun. Right? That’s why we are doing our best to make sure you are enjoying developing AIR apps! You just focus on your app logic and let us take care of everything related to ANEs. Click here to read more.

Using ANEs in your AIR projects is great because it gives you native power but every ANE might have different setup requirements, you need to take time and read each ANE’s instruction and avoid human mistakes which is sometimes impossible! ANE-LAB just removes it all by automatizing the ANE implementation workflow.

With ANE-LAB this is all it takes to implement even the most comprehensive ANEs:

  1. You simply run the ANE-LAB software.
  2. Let it know your project resource directory and your manifest file.
  3. Add the ANEs you need among the long list of ANEs.
  4. And you’re good to go!


ANE-LAB is brought to you by MyFlashLabs

Powerful Tech Behind, Cool Guys in Front

ANE-LAB is brought to you by the same cool dudes and dudettes who supply delicious ANEs, AS3 libs, and the popular club package!

In early 2013 we released our first AIR Native Extension. Since then we tried hard every day to create new and better ANEs so the AIR community will be able to use them in their apps. Most of the times we even tried to think out of the box and invested our time and resources on developing brand new ANEs like the Firebase SDK, the Augmented Reality ANE, or the VR ANE and many more.
Ali, MyFlashLabs Co-Founder

MyFlashLabs team were the first ones who brought the Firebase SDK to AIR which today, hundreds of AIR developers are using it in their apps. Our surveys showed that less than 40% of AIR devs at that time were familiar with it, but we knew Firebase is a big thing so we risked it anyway and started working on it. Almost the same thing happened with the Augmented Reality ANE. The amount of work we put into the AR ANE was insane but the outcome has been awesome. Today, you can create complex AR content in your AIR application with ease.

We’re so proud that we have developed the only complete and recommended Firebase ANEs collection by the Google’s Firebase team, and have been trusted by Adobe & Thousands of Flash Devs. If we’re standing here, it’s all because of you guys. You’re awesome!

Today, we’re so proud to announce our most ambitious project we have ever worked on at MyFlashLabs, the “ANE-LAB” project. The ANE-LAB software can be installed on your desktop computer, (WIN & MAC) and it allows you to install any ANE in your AIR projects. We started coding it from April 2017 and after 7 month of full-time work, today we are proud to be presenting you with an intelligent software which removes all the frustrating setup requirements from implementing ANEs into your projects.


Lots of AIR Devs Have Already Fell in Love with the Beast

When I think of ANE-LAB, it makes a smile on my face 🙂
Christ that would save days n days of work!
If only we had it 5 years ago…
ANE-LAB is the thing!
Using ANE won’t be tedious anymore? That’s cool!
It saved my life man! Thanks guys.


Terms & Conditions

Heads up! The ANE-LAB software can be installed only on the permitted number of devices according to your club membership level.

According to our terms & conditions, you can use ANE-LAB to implement MyFlashLabs ANEs to use in binary form only as a component of Adobe AIR applications. Click here to read more about our Terms & Conditions regarding using MyFlashLabs ANEs. To read more, please check out our FAQ page when determining the appropriate club membership level.

ANE-LAB can be installed only on the permitted number of devices according to your team/company developers. So please make sure to choose the appropriate membership level when joining the club, or consider upgrading your membership if you are already a member. Otherwise ANE-LAB’s logged in user will be suspended to use the software, while she is trying to bypass the software usage circumstances. Thanks a lot for respecting terms & conditions.

e.g. if you’re a team of five developers and need to install ANE-LAB on each developer’s PC/MAC, then your club membership level must be “1 to 10 Developers”, which means when you’re joining the club or considering to upgrade your club membership you need to choose “Silver – Up to 10 Devs” or “Gold – Up to 10 Devs” pack.

Got more questions regarding terms & conditions? Please feel free to get in touch with us, we’re always here to help.




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