• ANELAB User Experience

    It’s been nearly two years since ANELAB software has been at work. It has proofed many times that it is a useful software and makes ANE implementations an easy job. An interesting ANELAB user experience is that users have been finding creative ways to use the software. Ways that we didn’t think of, when developing …

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  • ANE-LAB Helps You Implement Any AIR Native Extension

    Implementing any AIR Native Extension in your AIR projects sometimes can be very confusing and frustrating. Some ANEs have many manifest .xml setup. Some of them have many dependencies which often are missed. Some of them have external *.framework dependencies and some of them have resource files. And sometimes, some ANEs have all these things …

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  • Introduction to Augmented Reality ANE

    The AR technology has always been interesting since its early days and have been used in many different fields not just games. It’s super useful in traveling, real estates, magazines businesses and many other samples. As the time passes, more developers are using this technology to develop brilliant applications. Maybe one of the most interesting …

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  • The Only Complete and Easy-to-use Firebase ANEs Collection

    You’re already familiar with Firebase ANE collection, and may be using them right now inside your AIR apps. In Google words:   On July of 2016 which we started the Firebase Adobe AIR Native Extensions Collection project, not so many AIR devs knew about one of the coolest Google’s projects! That’s right, I’m talking about the …

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  • Happy 2017 April fool’s day!

    Did you really think we are going to stop supporting the AIR community? Of course we are NOT 🙂 The fact is that we are more powerful than ever before. We have more than a thousand users and club members whom are using our ANEs in their applications. We totally understand that AIR developers are …

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  • Ultimate solution to fix Air Native Extension conflict problem

    We are officially allowing all Air Native Extensions providers/developers to use our Common Dependency ANEs free of any charge so the Air community won’t see that scary Air Native Extension conflict error message any more!

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  • Adobe Air Facebook SDK opens in safari problem in iOS 9

    iOS 9 SDK issue with the Adobe Air Facebook SDK NOTICE 1: This article is old and is applicable on our Facebook ANE lower than V4.11.0. If you are using FB ANE V4.11.0 or higher, just go with the normal setup explained here https://github.com/myflashlab/facebook-ANE NOTICE 2: Facebook has officially dropped support for fast-app-switching feature on …

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  • What is the best way to send push notifications?

    There are some 3rd-parties that help you send push notifications for your apps; and what they mainly do is helping you to spend less time on backend and be able to send push notifications easier using their services. That’s great! But on the other hand you’re limited to what they offer and eventually you will …

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  • Urgent fix on our ANEs required for AIR SDK V20 or higher

    As some of you may have noticed, there’s a bug in Xcode V7.0 or higher regarding -hideAneLibSymbols option that effected AIR SDK V20 too and causes some ANEs to get conflicted when used in a project. This is true about any kind of ANEs as far as some of their IOS side methods have the same exact name. …

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