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General Questions

Do MyFlashLabs have any kind of license validation check in their ANEs or libraries?

Nope. We don’t inject any “phone home” code that tracks usage or causes the ANEs or libraries to suddenly stop working on a certain date or situation. We do trust our customers and all our goal is to make your mind free and give you an enjoyable moment when you are using our ANEs and libraries.

What is the difference between 'One Time Usage' and 'Unlimited Usage' license?

There’s only one big difference between these two licenses. “Unlimited Usage” license lets you use the purchased item in ANY number of end products (the Adobe AIR applications that you or your team develop). You may charge your client for your services to create an end product. You can also use the “Unlimited Usage” license on multiple clients or jobs. But “One Time Usage” license only lets you use the purchased item in a single end product; so if you liked to develop two Adobe AIR applications that use the purchased item, you would then need to buy the item two times.

Where can I get the 'Unlimited Usage' license?

“Unlimited Usage” license is offered to Club members as long as their membership is active. Click here to join the club. And please be sure to get the appropriate membership level based on the number of developers associated with your organization.

Can I resell MyFlashLabs ANEs and libraries?

Nope. You cannot redistribute our ANEs and libraries and put them for free or for sale anywhere. But of course you can use them in binary form only as a component of the Adobe AIR application that you’re developing whether it’s your own application or your client.

Can I redistribute ANEs source codes if I purchase the 'Gold' Pack?

Nope. You cannot redistribute our ANEs source codes when you purchase the ‘Gold’ pack of the ANE, to put them for free or for sale anywhere. You are permitted to alter them according to your own needs and compile a new ANE to use in binary form only as a component of Adobe AIR applications, but redistribution of our source codes and the new compiled ANE which is the result of the source codes, in any format is prohibited.

Will I receive support for the source codes that I purchased through the 'Gold' Packs?

Nope. We do not provide support for the ANEs’ source codes.

How will I receive premium help if I have a technical question?

If you are an active club member, you will have access to our private and secure support ticket system. If you are not a club member however, you may purchase our premium support package for 6 months period.

What does a 'PRO' feature mean in some ANEs?

When you’re reading the description of some ANEs, you may notice that one or two features are mentioned as a “PRO” feature (Though this is very rare and you may not find it in most of the ANEs). It means, that specific feature exists for club members only. However, a “PRO” feature is just an extra functionality that is useful to advanced users who like to get more out of the ANE that they are going to use. So if you’re not a club member yet, you can still take advantage of other existing features of the ANE without having any problems.

Why there should be a 'PRO' feature?

A “PRO” feature as its name presents is a more professional feature that its shortage doesn’t break any existing functionality but its existence can help working with the ANE easier. Most of the ANEs don’t have a “PRO” feature, but the ones that have, are the ones that are a little bit huge. We all know that maintaining and keeping these ANEs updated, requires a lot of time and resources. So that’s why we have introduced the “PRO” feature for advanced users to: 1. Help us on our way by joining the club. 2. Take advantage of all the club benefits to build better AIR projects, such as getting instance access to ALL of our current and future ANEs and AS3 libraries.

Club Membership Related Questions

Will the the ANEs and libraries suddenly stop working when my membership expires?

Nope. As we don’t have any kind of license check validation in our ANEs and libraries, they will not expire or stop working on a certain date. Hopefully our products prove so valuable and profitable to you that you’ll gladly renew every year to keep getting access to the goodies and updates.

If I purchase the 'More than 10 Devs' Membership level of the MyFlashLabs Club, can I redistribute the club's items?

Nope. You cannot redistribute our Club package and our ANEs and libraries to put them for free or for sale anywhere. You are permitted to use them in binary form only as a component of Adobe AIR applications but redistribution of our products in any other format is prohibited. The “More than 10 Devs” Membership level of the MyFlashLabs Club grants you: 1. To hand our products to your own organization’s developers and workers and not anyone else who is working outside of your organization. 2. Use our products for only developing Adobe AIR applications purposes.

For how long must I maintain my membership?

You may cancel anytime. You’ll simply lose access to our support, updates and the “Unlimited Usage” license would expire at that point. Products that you built with our ANEs and libraries in the past do not suddenly fall out of compliance when your membership lapses – you just can’t continue to use our items in more products or projects after your membership expires. And yes, we don’t add any code into the club package items that would make them suddenly stop working when your membership expires. They’ll continue to work.

When determining the appropriate membership level, do I need to include only full-time developers? What if my company doesn’t have any?

You must include all freelancers, consultants, subcontractors, etc. in addition to full-time developers.

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