Thoughts on flash (the second revision!)

Since the 2010 apple’s strike on Flash, the Flash community has been hurt deeply. That’s a fact and we all admit that. But we are healed! Today, after almost 6 years, we truly can see how smooth Adobe AIR apps are running on Android and iOS. Adobe’s efforts to enhance AIR technology over these years has proven that this multi-platform technology is here to stay. (Read Adobe roadmap for Air)

Saying this, there’s been still a glitch in this equation. AIR developers has always been concerned about how limited they are when it comes to native features and hardware access on mobile devices. Since AIR SDK 3.0 when Adobe introduced ANE support for AIR, there’s been many individual flash developers trying their best to develop different ANEs to overcome these native access limitations. They’ve done a great job to keep the community alive and kicking. But they were never able to provide a complete peace of mind for an AIR developer to feel backed up and fully supported.


Our Mission

Our mission here in is to provide that peace of mind for every AIR developer so they know they are professionally supported and have unlimited full access to all different native features on mobile SDKs. If you know you have all the necessary tools and assets, you will have no doubt to build your next project with Adobe Air.


Incredible Offer

We have introduced our popular MyFLashLabs Club membership which gives you instant access to all our current ANEs plus any future ANEs that we will build with the “Unlimited Usage” license! Myflashlabs club membership means ultimate saving plus lifetime direct email support.

Just sit back and relax as you’re going to enjoy your next Adobe AIR project like never before! Join the club, download the package and browse between the finest collection of ANEs!


We wanna build more and more

Browse through our ANEs collection… Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re here to build it for you! Please use the poll below and tell us which ANE we should build next?

Pro Tip! Don’t like to wait? Well, no problem! Just drop us a message explaining what custom ANE you need for your project and get a quote!



You Spoke, we listened

Virtual Reality: Experience viewing 360 degree content in Google cardboard devices for your AIR app!

RateMe ANE: Rate app Native Extension lets you ask your users to rate your app in the most efficient way. It will help you avoid bad reviews as much as possible.

In-App-Payments ANE: 100% Identical AS3 API In-App-Payments Native Extension for both Android & iOS with unique features!

Volume Manager Pro ANE: Control volume in your AIR apps and games like a pro! Change volume stream and listen to hardware keys on Android & iOS!

Game Services ANE: 100% Identical AS3 API with a super easy interface so you can focus on your game logic and easily have access to all the cool features of the Google Game Services on both Android & iOS! Leaderboards, Achievements, Saved games, Multiplayers, Game quests & events, etc…

AdMob ANE: Earn more from your AIR apps the smart way!


  • Hello everyone. We are jumping on board!

  • Do you plan more desktop ANEs?

    • We are right now concentrated on building for mobile platform. but maybe in future we would consider developing for desktop too. can’t say for sure!

      • Sure thing… We keep our fingers crossed for you. Have a nice day.

    • just added desktop ANEs to the poll to see what the community is thinking about them..

  • Ade Herdiansah

    iAd, Admob, Google Analytics, App Store and Play Store ratings

    • Admob and rating are already built and released in our store. but I just added the Google Analytics to the poll. thanks.

  • Gustavo Vilera

    Hi Guys, what about a TextRenderer that supports Apple Emojis.

  • Gustavo Vilera

    Also, an ANE to have more control over the Keyboard… For example to be able to control it’s position just like many native applications do. For example in any messenger when you are texting and you touch out of the textInput and slowly scroll down… the keyboard is scrolled with your finger instead of disappearing immediately as it is right now in AS3

  • dejing Han

    HI, I have a good idea, Android widget!!! it seems ios also has widget, but didn’t awesome as Android. So android has the more priority. thanks!

  • ImadEddine

    How about ANEs for USBHid (by Path) Reader/Writer for Barcode Scanner/RFID/Images ….
    And Serial Port Reader/Writer

    also Build a version of ANEs for Desktop

  • +1 for desktop ANEs, Steam would be grate start.

  • WebView for Desktop/Mac, with Cromiumor webkit

  • Steve Jeon

    There seems already have bluetooth ane, but it only supports Android.
    To control bluetooth enabled hardware, it is sorry that current bluetooth ane can’t be used for iOS.
    Trough bluetooth, it is possible to control Arduino wirelessly, I think this will open a lot of possibilities and ideas for hardware related creative projects.
    Please add Bluetooth for iOS.

    • Bluetooth on iOS is not working like Android and they can’t be connected to transfer information. This limitation has been imposed by Apple and there is not much we can do about it.

  • Michael Cizenski

    Will you be updating GCM to use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)?

    • We are still investigating about the whole Firebase system. It’s a HUGE library and we are preparing for it. It would take a while before we get ready with that library and FCM is only a small part of it. keep watching for the news.

  • headhunter007

    You already have a bluetooth ANE but it doesn’t work with other hardware , such as Arduino. A Bluetooth ANE for arudino would be great.

  • Louis Chussereault

    We need AR ! Look at Pokemon GO, Great success !

  • Müdür

    Native touch list for android & ios

  • Edwin O. Martínez Velázquez

    Facebook Game Service is a must!

  • Кирилл Вирич

    I would be happy to use Vkontakte ANE and Odnoklassniki ANE to login into corresponding russian social networks. More info there:, and

  • Martin Rossil

    Hi Guys, could you add Contacts ANE to the Poll?

  • Goon Nguyen

    Google Authentication ANE ?

  • Goon Nguyen

    OneSignal ANE as well?

  • headhunter007

    ScrollView for native scrolling

  • Martin Khamala

    Agreed. I’d like to see a Text to Speech ANE that works offline.

    • Mourad Benkhachouch

      already exists.not a priority

  • Would be grate to add native dialogs ANE (picker list, alert, date picker)

  • Pedro Simão

    Voice recognition (including SiriKit) is badly needed!

    • Just added tts/stt to the poll

      • Pedro Simão

        Really nice! How much would you charge me to release an STT ANE this month already?

        • Please contact us through email for custom job orders. Thanks.

          • Pedro Simão

            Ok, I just wrote you! Thanks!

  • Goon Nguyen


  • sanjeev


  • Mourad Benkhachouch

    i think nfc tag is the priority.No exists elsewhere

    google map ane exist
    paypal ane exists and
    augmented reality is done!

  • Mourad Benkhachouch

    I exists elsewhere

  • Mourad Benkhachouch

    I agree!

  • Filippo Gregoretti

    Since AppInvites are deprecated by Facebook as from 2 days ago, I guess it would be nice to have GameRequests available in facebook ane.
    “With the release of the Facebook SDK version 4.28.0, App Invites is deprecated. It will be supported until February 5, 2018.”

  • Filippo Gregoretti

    Definitely upgrade to App Requests and Game Requests on Facebook ANE (competition has it already implemented)

  • Filippo Gregoretti

    Your firebase implementation rocks. but soon upgrade Firebase Crash Reports ANE to use Crashlytics (soon Crash Reports will be deprecated in firebase)

  • Juan Fernando Velez Melguizo

    Vuforia Please !! for Augmented Reality its very powerful and more affordable than Wikitude, I develop occasionally AR Apps and its tooooooo expensive pay Wikitude SDK monthly, While with Vuforia can be payed by each developed and distributed app a fraction of the Wikitude monthly price

  • Emrah İşlek

    I recently bought your silver club membership package. I’ve been able to replace all the ANEs in my app with yours, and I’ve seen that your AdMob ANE does not support Rewarded Video. It was frightening and frustrating for me. When do you plan to offer Rewarded Video support?

  • Henning Dierolf

    Hello, we need a small ANE to support auto-hide of the iPhone X home indicator bar

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