we-just-got-biggerWe just got bigger!

Are you wondering why all myappsnippet.com pages are redirecting to myflashlabs.com? well, I have a great news for you. The “doitflash” devs are now merged into MyFLashLab Team and we decided to unify our website and put our focus into MyFLashLabs.com

The same ANEs are now accessible in myflashlabs.com PLUS a lot of new other stuff we are adding to the store. We have also changed the ANE licenses so you can do one time purchase of the extensions without any reoccurring payments. instead, we introduced MyFLashLab Club where you can join and gain instant access to all our current and future extensions!

Our mission is to make your mind free of worrying about flash limits when building Adobe Air apps.


What happens to current MyAppSnippet.com customers with active subscriptions?

Well, in myflashlabs.com we are no longer selling the ANEs in subscription licenses but joining the club do requires an annual subscription fee. So, we decided to grant all current active subscribers our club membership access! They are having access to all our ANEs and AS3 libs right now that you are reading this.


What happens to old customers of MyAppSnippet.com who had purchased older, one time payment ANEs?

We will not abandon any of our customers. if you had purchased an one time payment ANE in myappsnippet, you still can get the new updates. All you have to do is to signup as a new user then email us your payment records and your new username. Our finance team will fix your account to have access to the updates.


If you are an old customer of myappsnippet.com please fill in this form so we can copy your records to myflashlabs.com as soon as we do that, you will receive an email with your access to download the ANEs

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