Firebase ANE Collection

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Firebase ANE collection provides you with all the Firebase ANEs.

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Firebase ANE collection package gives you access to all our Firebase ANEs in one download pack. When purchasing this pack, you will always be updated with latest version of Firebase ANEs. Below is the list of Firebase ANEs included in this pack:

Firebase Core ANE (Android+iOS)

The core element for implementing Firebase into your AIR app

Firebase Analytics ANE (Android+iOS)

Reimagine analytics for mobile

Firebase Crashlytics ANE (Android+iOS)

Get clear, actionable insight into app issues

Firebase Authentication ANE (Android+iOS)

Reduce friction with robust authentication

Firebase DynamicLinks ANE (Android+iOS)

Send users to the right place inside your app

Firebase FCM ANE (Android+iOS)

Deliver and receive messages across platforms reliably

Firebase Firestore ANE (Android+iOS)

Store and sync app data at global scale

Firebase Realtime Database ANE (Android+iOS)

Store and sync app data in realtime

Firebase Functions ANE (Android+iOS)

Run backend code in response to events

Firebase MLKit ANE (Android+iOS)

Use machine learning in your apps to solve real-world problems

Firebase Performance ANE (Android+iOS)

Gain insight into your app’s performance issues

Firebase Remote Config ANE (Android+iOS)

Customize your app on the fly

Firebase Storage ANE (Android+iOS)

Store files with ease

Important Notices:

1. By purchasing this collection, you will have the license to use the included ANEs in any number of AIR projects that you or your team develops.


2. If you don’t renew your subscription, you will not receive updates for the included ANEs


3. if you don’t renew your subscription you are still allowed to use the current version of ANEs in your projects.

Some ANEs in this collection may depend on the PermissionCheck ANE, you can get that ANE from here.
You may consider joining the club instead of this collection so you can have access to ALL our current and future ANEs.
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