Firebase AIR Native Extension (Cloud Firestore) Android+iOS


The Firebase AIR Native Extension Cloud Firestore is a cloud-hosted database. It lets you store and sync data between users and devices – at global scale – using a cloud-hosted, noSQL database.


Firebase Cloud Firestore AIR Native Extension (Android+iOS)

Firebase Cloud Firestore ANE enables the Google Firebase Cloud Firestore feature in your Adobe Air projects supported on both Android and iOS with 100% identical ActionScript API.

In Google words:

Store and sync data between users and devices – at global scale – using a cloud-hosted, noSQL database. Cloud Firestore gives you live synchronization and offline support along with efficient data queries. Its integration with other Firebase products enables you to build truly serverless apps.


Firebase Cloud Firestore ANE takes the server-side coding hassle away! No more need for coding server-side logic to sync and push offline data to your databases, or storing data on SQL servers and pay huge amounts for maintaining and hosting your data! Firebase Cloud Firestore ANE does that all for you so much better!

Heads up! This ANE is one of the child ANEs of the Firebase Core ANE and depends on that. You need to include this ANE beside the Core ANE together to make it work properly in your AIR projects. Click here to learn more about the Core and this whole awesome Firebase project!
Try Cloud Firestore! What are the differences between Cloud Firestore and Realtime Database? Click here to find out.

Firebase Cloud Firestore is easy to use, provides offline access and lets you store and sync your AIR app data at global scale, it is hosted for you in the Google’s cloud (your own Firebase account’s console), so there’s no server maintenance or operations! Now imagine how expensive and time consuming setting up and maintaining all of these could be without Firebase!


You may watch this video to just get a glitch of what Firebase Cloud Firestore has to offer to the mobile application development:


So “Firebase Cloud Firestore AIR native extension” enables it all for your AIR apps! The Firebase project is awesome and will help mobile app developers BIG time. It will cut down the amount of time you would spend on setting up server-side logic and besides that, it ensures that your content will always be available to your users as fast as possible.

Below are the main highlights of this native extension:

  • • Enable the Firebase Cloud Firestore feature in your AIR apps
  • • Data synchronization in realtime
  • • Enable offline data interactions for your AIR app
  • • Access data directly from your app, or from your server with the REST API
  • • Your database is hosted in the Google’s cloud, so there’s no server maintannce or operations
  • • The Cloud Firestore data model supports flexible, hierarchical data structures
  • • In Cloud Firestore, you can use queries to retrieve individual, specific documents or to retrieve all the documents in a collection that match your query parameters
  • • It can also get connected with Firebase Authentication for easy sign-in.
  • • It can also get connected with Firebase Functions feature to let you run all sorts of server side logic in response to changes in your database
  • • 100% identical AS3 API
  • • Always up to date
Every license of this ANE being purchased can be used in one project (Android+iOS) only. If you want to use this ANE in other projects, you need to buy it again.


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Realtime Data Synchronization

With Cloud Firestore, you can automatically synchronize your app data between devices. It’ll notify you of data changes as they occur so you can easily build collaborative experiences and realtime apps. Your users can access and make changes to their data at any time, even when they’re offline. No need to code all of these by yourself anymore, Firebase does that for you!



Offline Persistence

Firebase apps remain responsive even when offline because the Firebase Cloud Store SDK persists your data to disk. Once connectivity is reestablished, the client device receives any changes it missed, synchronizing it with the current server state. No need to code all of these by yourself anymore, Firebase does that for you!


Scales with your business

Powered by Google’s storage infrastructure, Cloud Firestore is built to scale with your business. Now, you can focus on building your app instead of managing servers or worrying about consistency. Firebase Cloud Firestore has features like multiregional data replication for extra reliability, strong consistency, multidocument transactions, and more!  So you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money to maintain and host your data from now on! And once again, no need to code all of these by yourself anymore, Firebase does that for you!


NoSQL Databases

Structure your data easily with collections and documents. Build hierarchies to store related data and easily retrieve the data you need using expressive queries. All queries scale with the size of your result set (note: not your data set), so your app is ready to scale from day one. So again you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money to maintain and host your data, as Firebase Cloud Firestore does that in the best way for you!


Strong user-based security

With our declarative security language, you can restrict data access based on user identity data, pattern matching on your data, and more. Cloud Firestore also integrates with Firebase Authentication to give you simple and intuitive user authentication.



Providing 100% identical AS3 API

We spent countless hours discussing the differences between iOS and Android APIs and created a completely new approach toward these functionalities to make sure the resulting AS3 API will be not only 100% identical on both platforms but also super easy to work with.



Always up to date

Our dev team, are always checking on the latest releases of Android/iOS to make sure you have access to the latest features of this library.


Premium Support Package

If you are an active MyFlashLabs club member, you will have access to our private and secure support ticket system for all our ANEs. Even if you are not a member, you can still receive premium help if you purchase the premium support package.




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