GCM ANE (Android+iOS)


Bring Push Notifications supported on Android & iOS with an identical AS3 API.


NOTICE: GCM is now deprecated. Although it will continue to work correctly, Google has discontinued it in favor of Firebase FCM. If you want to add notification to your app, consider using our FCM ANE instead of GCM. Nevertheless, we have kept the Gold package, which includes the Source codes, available so anyone interested in using the old ANE or learn the source code, can still use it.




GCM ANE V5.0.1 (Android+iOS)

Sending push notifications on an Adobe Air app could never been easier than this. Our well coded GCM Adobe Air Native Extension is based on Google Cloud Messaging system which is supported not only on Android but also works on iOS.



The main reason that we are all developing mobile apps using AdobeAir, is because it’s multi-platform. With consideration to this fact, we built a GCM ANE for you with an identical Actionscript API on both platforms. Working with this ANE is so easy and it’s totally free for you to try the ANE and test how it works prior to any purchase. You can grab the working trial ane from our GitHub repository here and implement it into your project using our tutorials and help guides and enjoy having such a powerful push notification ANE.


Below are the main highlights of this native extension:

  • • Unlimited messages and always FREE
  • • Easy PHP setup (schedule or categorize messages in any way you wish)
  • • Identical API for both Android and iOS platforms
  • • Customized notifications
  • • Optional developer payload String
  • • Supporting InvokeEvent.INVOKE on Actionscript side
  • • Having access to iOS push notification settings page
  • • Controlling app badges
  • • Always up to date



Unlimited messages and always FREE

No matter how many users you have on your app or how many messages you send each day, you are never limited. You can send as many messages as you wish. We never limit you.



Easy PHP setup

We are providing you with sample PHP codes so you can easily send GCM messages to Google/Apple servers. This will give you complete freedom to manage your messages in any customized format that will suite your application needs. Click here to also read more about independent server-side API for sending push notifications and its benefits.



Identical API for both platforms

You are using Adobe Air because it’s a multi-platform solution. Our GCM extension provides you with an identical Actionscript API so you can keep your project codes as clean as possible.



Customized notifications

Google Cloud Messaging API allows you to customize your push notification messages and we have developed this air native extension based on that which gives you access to all the customizations that Google provides to native developers.



Optional developer payload String

With any push notification message, you can send a customized payload String so as soon as the message is delivered into your app, you can decide what to do inside your app based on that customized String. Maybe you wish to load a special page when the GCM msg arrives? You can do that easily.



Supporting InvokeEvent.INVOKE

When your application is in background and a GCM message arrives, a notification will be shown. As soon as a user hits the notification, your app will open and in the “InvokeEvent.INVOKE” event, you will receive the GCM details and when you do that, you can of course read the optional developer payload String and based on that String, you may decide what to do in your app.



Having access to iOS push notification settings page

Users on iOS can manually control the default behavior of push notifications from their device’s settings menu. But we are also providing you with an API method to directly open that page from within your application.



Controlling badges

On iOS platform, you can set a number badge on your app icon. This cool feature can now be controlled by you inside the app or when a push notification message arrives. How cool would it be to show a number badge on your app to get the attention of your users to open up your app and see what are news.



Always up to date

Our dev team, are always checking on the latest releases of Android/iOS and also the Google Cloud Message API to make sure you have access to the latest features of this cool technology.




Have any questions regarding the usage of this Air Native Extension? The documentation and example files in our GitHub repository will help you a lot. But you can also checkout the Extension’s GitHub issues page and search for already answered questions. It’s very probable that your question is already answered there. Still couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Then post a new issue yourself, our Dev team will answer your questions a.s.a.p.

Have any questions before buying the item? Checkout our FAQ page. We have answered all of the general frequently asked questions regarding the licenses, our club membership benefits and etc…



This item is under the “One Time Usage” license which allows you to use it in a single end product. You may charge your client for your services to create an end product. But you can’t use the “One Time Usage” license on multiple clients or jobs. Though of course you can publish your single end product on multiple platforms such as AppStore and GooglePlay. View the full legal terms at MyFlashLabs licensing.

So if you like to use the purchased item in multiple end products, you need to order the item per usage to buy more “One Time Usage” licenses. So for example if you like to use this item in two different applications, you need to purchase it two times. And of course you can also consider buying our popular “Unlimited Usage” license, which allows you to use the purchased item in ANY number of end products, that is limitless. This type of license is available to Club members only. Read more about the club membership and its benefits.





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