GPS ANE (Android+iOS)


Smart GPS solution for Adobe AIR which automatically picks the best available provider for fast location finding. Satellite, Cellular tower, Network.





Heads up! This ANE depends on the Permission Check ANE as its requesting for a permission on the Native API. You need to include this ANE beside the Permission Check ANE together to make it work properly in your AIR projects. Click here to learn more about the Permission Check ANE and its cool features!

Smart GPS ANE (Android+iOS)

Although there is a GPS API coming with Adobe Air SDK, in a real app development scenario, you need a better GPS solution. You need a faster and more exact GPS solution which you can really trust. That’s why we decided to build this cool GPS Adobe Air Native Extension. it’s highly optimized for automatic provider picker to ensure your app will get user location as fast as possible even if indoor. it’s also optimized for battery usage so you don’t have to worry about your app’s battery usage at all. try the extension right now for free and see how fast it is.


Main Features

  • • start/stop GPS service periodically.
  • • get one time location finder for better battery usage.
  • • geocoding reverse to convert gps coordinates to real addresses.
  • • geocoding direct to convert addresses to gps coordinates.



Providing 100% identical AS3 API

We spent countless hours discussing the differences between iOS and Android APIs and created a completely new approach toward these functionalities to make sure the resulting AS3 API will be not only 100% identical on both platforms but also super easy to work with.



Always up to date

Our dev team, are always checking on the latest releases of Android/iOS to make sure you have access to the latest features of this library.



Professional support by real developers

If you are a member in MyFlashLabs club, you will have quick direct email support on all our ANEs but even if you are not a member, you will still receive professional help from our dev team. Our Android, iOS and AS team leaders are constantly checking on our GitHub issues pages trying to answer your tech questions as fast as they can. There is actually no time limit on how we support our products.



Have any questions regarding the usage of this Air Native Extension? The documentation and example files in our GitHub repository will help you a lot. But you can also checkout the Extension’s GitHub issues page and search for already answered questions. It’s very probable that your question is already answered there. Still couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Then post a new issue yourself, our Dev team will answer your questions a.s.a.p.

Have any questions before buying the item? Checkout our FAQ page. We have answered all of the general frequently asked questions regarding the licenses, our club membership benefits and etc…



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