In App Purchase ANE (Android+iOS)


100% Identical AS3 API In-App-Payments Native Extension for both Android & iOS with unique features!




in app purchase ANE (Android+iOS)

Keeping your mobile apps free to download but then unlock features based on users choice can greatly increase your sales. This is a well known fact but considering that you are developing your application with AdobeAir, you are expecting to have an in-app-purchase API which works equally on both Android and iOS. Soon you will learn that although in-app-billing ANEs has been developed for a long time, none of them was able to provide you with a 100% identical API on both platforms.



Our solution is making sure that you are using in-app-payments in your applications with absolutely no trouble and implementing our ANE into your project won’ take more than a few minutes. We have spent numerous hours developing the Java and the Obj-C sides to make sure these two APIs will work exactly like each other. The result is a very straight forward AS3 API that will take care of all your in-app-billing requirements like consumable or permanent purchases and subscription purchases.


Every license of this ANE being purchased can be used in one project (Android+iOS) only. If you want to use this ANE in other projects, you need to buy it again.


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The API is now as simple as the following outline:

  1. 1. Billing.init  First you will initialize the extension.
  2. 2. Billing.getPurchases  Then you will check if this user has previous purchase records or not.
  3. 3. Billing.doPayment  Whenever you wish, you can make different types of purchases.


You, as a programmer yourself, surely know that the simpler a library works, means that it has been well organized and a huge number of hours have been invested on developing that library.


Below are the main highlights of this native extension:

  • • Verifies the availability of your products IDs
  • • Enables you to check user’s former purchases
  • • Minimizes unnecessary server connections to improve performance
  • • Supports all different types on payment types
  • • Supports iOS 11+ in-app-purchase promotion feature.
  • • iOS ParentalGate notifier.
  • • Supports Android promo-purchases.
  • • Provides you with a 100% identical AS3 API
  • • Always up to date



Verifying the availability of products IDs

When initializing this ANE, it will connects to Google or Apple servers and verifies your Products IDs to make sure you have set everything correctly in your iTunes or Google Play consoles.



Checking user’s former purchases

Also known as “restoring purchases” on Apple; This feature lets you check if your user has any previous purchase records for your app or not. This will allow you enable your app features to your users on different devices. Imagine a user has purchased your permanent product on device A and now she’s moving to another device. As soon as she logs into your app, her former purchases will be restored so she doesn’t have to pay again.



Minimizing unnecessary server connections

We have beautifully minimized the unnecessary server connections to make sure your users are experiencing a very fast performance when dealing with purchases in your app. As simple example, we are storing previous purchases in an standard encrypted sql database in applicationStorageDirectory so your app does not have to connect to Google or Apple servers anytime you need a list of former purchases.



Supporting all different payment types

In your app logic, you may need consumable products or you may be selling permanent items or maybe even you are offering continues subscriptions in your app? This ANE supports them all in the most straight forward manner you could imagine.


Supporting iOS Parental Gate EventDispatcher

If your app targets children, you must use a parental gate to make sure children are not seeing the in-app-purchase window. Before the purchase flow begins, you will receive an event and after you are sure that a parent is using the app, the purchase would continue.



Providing 100% identical AS3 API

We spent countless hours discussing the differences between iOS and Android in-app-payments APIs and created a completely new approach toward these functionalities to make sure the resulting AS3 API will be not only 100% identical on both platforms but also super easy to work with.



Always up to date

Our dev team, are always checking on the latest releases of Android/iOS to make sure you have access to the latest features of this library.


Premium Support Package

If you are an active MyFlashLabs club member, you will have access to our private and secure support ticket system for all our ANEs. Even if you are not a member, you can still receive premium help if you purchase the premium support package.




Have any questions before buying the item? Checkout our FAQ page. We have answered all of the general frequently asked questions regarding the licenses, our club membership benefits and etc…



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