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Join Myflashlabs club to not only gain instant access to ALL of our current and future ANEs & AS3 Libraries with the “Unlimited Usage” license, but also use the ANE-LAB revolutionary way of ANE implementation! Myflashlabs club membership means ultimate saving plus lifetime direct email support. Feel it!



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MyFlashLabs Club package

As a club member, you’re a supporter and we do appreciate that. So to compensate just a little bit of your help, we’re offering the best that we can to keep you satisfied and make your life much more easier when it comes to developing multi platform apps and games using the Adobe Air technology.

So yes, that’s right, each time a new Air Native Extension or an AS3 Library arrives or even when we update one, the Club package also gets updated. The Club package always has the latest updated items inside of it. You don’t ever need to be worry about keeping yourself up-to-date, as being a club member means already being always up-to-date!

Just make your mind free and relax, a club member always has all of the ANEs needed for developing the best Adobe Air apps. Feel limitless and start new projects with an open mind.


What’s inside of the package

The Club Package includes the following ANEs/AS3 Libs currently. More products will be added to the package as we’re developing for free. Cheers!

Firebase Core ANE & All of its child ANEs (Android+iOS)

Firebase AIR Native Extensions collection enables Google’s Firebase project in Adobe AIR. Generally Firebase is a set of tools which helps you develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money.

Augmented Reality ANE & its “AR Diamond” License (Android+iOS)

Bring Augmented Reality into your Adobe AIR projects. This ANE provides you with full variety of AR solutions for different types of projects in any scale. It also lets you control 3D scenes using JavaScript API, without needing you to know know any 3D programming.

Virtual Reality ANE (Android+iOS)

Finally experience Virtual Reality in Adobe AIR! Support for Google VR Mode for cardboard and view 360 degree photos based on device orientation.

Game Services ANE (Android+iOS)

The most powerful Google Game Services Air Native Extension ever is in your hands! Leaderboards, Achievements, Saved games, Real-time Multiplayer, Game quests and events, etc…

In App Purchase ANE (Android+iOS)

The most powerful in-app payment Air Native Extension ever with unique features! Now support in-app-purchases with 100% identical AS3 API.

Admob ANE (Android+iOS)

Have the most up-to-date AdMob ANE ever! Let’s earn more from your AIR apps the smart way.

Rich Webview ANE (Android+iOS)

Rich Webview ANE is a perfect replacement to the classic StageWebView and it has covered all its short comings and have even added more native features.

Facebook ANE (Android+iOS)

Access to all of the official Facebook SDK features. Like, share and login using Facebook SDK couldn’t get easier than this.

Barcode ANE (Android+iOS)

The most powerful Barcode scanner ever! Scan almost all different barcodes and get the result right in your air project.

Permission Check ANE (Android+iOS)

Check and request different permissions such as Microphone, Photos, Contacts, Calendar, and more… Build a more user-friendly application.

File or Image picker ANE (Android+iOS)

Developing a game that needs a file picker? Now you can do it easily! Pick image and video files(or any type of file on Android side) right from your Air app.

PDF Reader ANE (Android+iOS)

Need to open a documentation or a help file for users to read? No worries, now you can simply open a pdf document right from your Air apps.

Volume Control ANE – Pro (Android+iOS)

User’s device is on silence mode but you play music in your own app by default? volume Control ANE is a need in almost every app because of its awesome features.

Local Notification ANE (Android+iOS)

Send local notifications to your users without having to setup a remote notification server.

GPS ANE (android+ios)

Smart GPS ANE automatically picks the best available provider for fast location finding. Satellite, Cellular tower, Network. Optimized for auto indoor location finder.

Unique Device ID ANE (Android+iOS)

Unique Device ID Adobe AIR ANE provides you with solutions to identify your Adobe AIR app users based on their devices.

Rate App ANE (Android+iOS)

Rate app Native Extension lets you ask your users to rate your app in the most efficient way. It will help you avoid bad reviews as much as possible.

Video Player ANE (Android+iOS)

Maybe your game has a trailer, how you can play it at startup? Well, now you can easily open the native video player right from your Air app and play video contents!

Surface Embedded Video Player ANE (Android+iOS)

play video content inside your Air app with native performance. Easily set x / y / width / height of the video and put it anywhere inside your app!

GCM ANE (Android+iOS)

Add push notifications to your apps like a piece of cake! With identical AS3 API and an independent Server side PHP source codes. It lets you feel limitless!

Zip ANE (Android+iOS)

zip / Extract the largest zip archives super fast by using native process in threads supporting both Android and iOS without making any lag on your Air app.

App Badge ANE (iOS)

App Badge AIR Native Extension lets you control the app badge right inside your AIR app for iOS!

Spotlight ANE (iOS)

Let’s bring iOS 9 local search spotlight library to Adobe AIR apps. Let users enjoy your app while having direct access to your app’s content from the search results!

Statusbar Manager ANE (iOS)

Statusbar AIR Native Extension lets you have full control over the iOS Statusbar in your AIR apps!

Package Manager ANE (Android)

lets you access the other installed apps on user device. you can install / uninstall / run them right from your Air app.

Touch Scroll for desktop and mobile AS3 Lib

Scroll contents easily from now on! Desktop/mobile scrolling switch. iPhone/Android Scrolling types.

Touch Scroll for desktop, mobile and Starling AS3 Lib

Scroll contents easily in Starling projects! 100% abstract OOP Class. iPhone/Android Scrolling types.

Scroll bar for desktop apps AS3 Lib

The most powerful and flexible Scrollbar for building Adobe Air Desktop apps. Lots of appearance possibilities and tween animation effects.



Download Everything

Download all at once! By joining the club you get instant access to all our current and future ANEs and AS3 libraries.

Unlimited Usage License

“Unlimited Usage” license allows you to use all the purchased items inside the package in ANY number of end products. Never feel limited anymore.

The Most Trusted ANEs

ANEs by MyFlashLabs are the most trusted in the community, recommended by Adobe, Google’s Firebase Team, Starling, Wikitude, and thousands of Flash Devs.

ANE-LAB Software

ANE-LAB is a revolution in ANE implementation! As a club member you can enjoy using ANE-LAB to implement ANEs into your AIR apps automatically, in seconds, and error free!

Pro Features

Get an all-access pass to exclusive features available in some complicated ANEs for a better user experience.

Ultimate $ Saving

Save a lot of $ by joining the club once rather than purchasing ANEs one by one which will costs you way a lot more than the membership fee.

Professional Support

We’re available to you to answer all your questions to make sure you are having a sweet experience while implementing our Adobe Air Native Extensions into your projects.

Everything From One Source

Get all the Adobe Air Native Extensions you would ever need from one source to make sure they are not conflicting with each other.

Help Us, Help You

By joining the club you motivate us to develop more and better ANEs which you will use in your every project.



Always up to date

Just sit back and relax! No worries about new SDK versions, compatibility issues and blah blah! We are, so you don’t have to! Our dev team, are always checking on the latest releases of Android / iOS and new SDK versions to make sure you have access to the latest features.



Professional support by real developers

Free upgrades and lifetime support! You will have quick direct email support on all our ANEs! Our Android, iOS and AS team leaders are also constantly checking on our GitHub issues pages trying to answer your tech questions as fast as they can. There is actually no time limit on how long we support our products.




All of the items come with extensive documentation and lots of sample projects. Each one has unique tutorials to cover all of the aspects on how to use each of the Extensions functionalities and features in different apps and games. Our Screencastings also help you on how to implement ANEs into your projects using variety of IDEs.


ANE-LAB Software

As a club member you’re eligible to use the ANE-LAB software and start implementing ANEs into your AIR applications automatically, in seconds, and error free! ANE-LAB is a brand new solution which takes away the old-school way of ANE implementation forever. Click here to read more.



What is the mission of MyFLashLabs Club?

Our mission on is to make sure the Adobe Air community has all the necessary assets and tools to build awesome games and apps. That’s why we provide free video tutorials, give lifetime support, put all of our ANEs with sample projects on Github and have introduced the Club Package.



Are you a student?

We gladly offer discounted pricing to students; So if you are a student, please fill out the Discount Request Form here to get 50% discount on the “One Dev” Membership level of the MyFlashLabs Club Package.



Have any questions regarding the usage of any Air Native Extensions or libraries inside the package? The documentation and example files in our GitHub repository will help you a lot. You can checkout each Extension’s GitHub issues page and search for already answered questions. It’s very probable that your question is already answered there. Still couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Then post a new issue yourself, our Dev team will answer your questions a.s.a.p.

And of course as a club member you can always contact us directly from our Contact page and receive professional support by our dedicated Dev team.

Have any questions before joining the club? Checkout our FAQ page. We have answered all of the general frequently asked questions regarding the licenses, our club membership benefits and etc…



This is our popular MyFlashLabs Club Membership package! It is under the “Unlimited Usage” license which allows you to use all the purchased items inside the package in ANY number of end products. You may charge your client for your services to create an end product. You can also use the “Unlimited Usage” license on multiple clients or jobs. Enjoy the limitless! View the full legal terms at MyFlashLabs licensing.


Our customers agree, you’ll love MyFlashLabs club

After I’ve been testing last couple of days… I just successfully implemented the Facebook ANE !! … Uisng Flash CC 2015 IDE !!!…Thank you FlashLabs !!… You guys are keeping Flash/AIR and now relevant mobile developers!
You guys are awesome. Great tutorials and Extensions… Perfect! Keep up the good work myflashlabs.
Awesome! Love what you guys are doing at Thanks for the video. Keep up the great work!
Ed Vizenor
Thanks a lot for your help, me and my team really appreciate that. GPS extension is really easy to to work with and that’s not a surprise at all! Such an easy API has a history behind.
Alison MJ
gcm, inapp billing and video player extensions really helped a lot. Your Scroller lib is also a cool utility. Thank you myflashlabs, it was such a great help!
Is it something or is it really something?! Club package was awesome. I loveeee itt mannn!! I’ve got speechless!







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