RichWebview ANE II (Android+iOS)


RichWebView II ANE gives you access to the native webview APIs in Android and iOS. Everything that a Native programmer can do with the native webview, you can also do in your AdobeAIR projects.



RichWebview II ANE (Android+iOS)

RichWebView II ANE gives you access to the native webview APIs in Android and iOS. Everything that a Native programmer can do with the native webview, you can also do in your AdobeAIR projects.




Below are the main highlights of this native extension:

  • • Use multiple Webview instances
  • • Call JS functions from AIR and vice versa
  • • Control the Scroll position and style
  • • Change the view port size and position at runtime
  • • Play video files inside the WebView including embedded iFrame videos
  • • Take full screenshots from your WebView object
  • • Get GPS location information in to your JS
  • • Enable file picker dialog on your HTML input fields
  • • Control background color with AARRGGBB format. (supports transparent)
  • • TouchEvent to know when the WebView is touched
  • • Optionally prevent URL loads and let AIR handle them
  • • Support Android custom-tabs
  • • Supports iOS SafariViewController
  • • Provides you with a 100% identical AS3 API
  • • Load HTML Strings directly into the WebView instance
  • • Supports iOS WKWebView API
Every license of this ANE being purchased can be used in one project (Android+iOS) only. If you want to use this ANE in other projects, you need to buy it again.


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Full communication between Javascript and Actionscript

In RichWebView II you will have an easy access to call JS functions from AS side and also you can send complex data from JS side to Actionscript.

Imagine you like to display the html help document of your game which is online on your website, in your game’s help page too… As you have full communication between AS3 and JS, you can easily tell JS that you’re viewing the page inside the app, so that it can load a different CSS stylesheets or add customized elements in the html page! Possibilities are limitless…



Managing WebView position and dimension on the stage

RichWebView will be added on top of your Air stage but you can easily move it around or change the x, y, width and height positions to make it fit in the best way you wish inside your Adobe Air application.



Supporting iFrame and HTML5 videos

HTML5 supports video playback and of course native WebView on Android and iOS support that too. Because RichWebView is built on native WebView libraries, you will have full support on playing videos or even embedding iFrame videos from Vimeo or YouTube.



Taking Screenshot from the web content

RichWebView allows you to take fullscreen screenshots from your web content and returns the Bitmap Data of it to the Actionscript side.



Supporting HTML GPS APIs

To be able to access GPS information in your HTML content is easy with RichWebView. We have taken care of all the required settings and all you have to do is to use Javascript GPS APIs and read GPS information in your HTML content. Which again the sample files in the package include an example of reading GPS information.



Support for almost all HTML input fields like file picker element

RichWebView supports almost all different form input fields available in HTML. The coolest one though is the file input field which will open a dialog over your app and lets you select a file. Then the result will be sent to your Javascript functions.



Supporting custom color or transparent backgrounds

With RichWebView you can decide if you want your web content have transparent background or any other color of your choice.



TouchEvent to know when the WebView is touched

Although you have full communication between JS and AS sides, with this native extension you can listen for TouchEvents so you will know when the user is touching over the web content.



Optionally prevent URL loads and let Air handle them

There are times when you wish to prevent Webview from opening URLs in the normal way and instead, you wish to let Air handle the user touch on a URL link, You can easily do that with Rich Webview.


Android customtabs & iOS safariViewController

Enjoy using the default browser features inside of your AIR application. You can use Android customtabs or iOS safariViewController to open the device’s default browser inside of your app without leaving the application. Some functions are customizable, such as the browser color scheme, items of the browser’s menu, and etc. And all of these stuff are accessible by one easy AS3 API for both, Android and iOS. Cheers!



Providing 100% identical AS3 API

We spent countless hours discussing the differences between iOS and Android Native WebView APIs and created a completely new approach toward these functionalities to make sure the resulting AS3 API will be not only 100% identical on both platforms but also super easy to work with.



Always up to date

Our dev team, are always checking on the latest releases of Android/iOS to make sure you have access to the latest features of this library.


Premium Support Package

If you are an active MyFlashLabs club member, you will have access to our private and secure support ticket system for all our ANEs. Even if you are not a member, you can still receive premium help if you purchase the premium support package.



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