Statusbar Manager Air Native Extension


(Now available as opensource) Statusbar AIR Native Extension lets you have full control over the iOS Statusbar in your AIR apps!


This ANE is now Opensource. Find it here.

Statusbar AIR Native Extension (iOS)

Let’s have full control over the iOS statusbar in your AIR apps! Like your AIR app be in fullscreen? Or be able to show/hide the statusbar when user switches between your game play and game menu? All is possible by the Statusbar ANE.



This ANE helps you control the iOS Statusbar at runtime in your AIR apps. You can show/hide the Statusbar at runtime while deciding on the animation type. Moreover, you can change the Style of the Statusbar to make it look good on dark and light backgrounds. And that’s not all! The Statusbar ANE will tell you the height of the Statusbar at any given time so you can easily adjust your content according to the possible height changes.

Below are the main highlights of this native extension:

  • • Show / Hide Statusbar at runtime
  • • Set the animation type while switching the Statusbar. Shall it fade in/out or move in/out?
  • • Light / Dark styles
  • • Get the Statusbar height value
  • • Listen to size changes at runtime
  • • Always up to date
  • • Professional support by real developers



Full control over Statusbar

You need to be able to have full control over your app/game UI to improve UX, right? Playing a game in fullscreen without seeing the Statusbar is so convenient. On the hand,  having it available while user is surfing through different pages such as settings or options is great! So that’s what Statusbar ANE is going to provide! Easily control Statusbar’s animation, style, and availability.



Listen to Statusbar size changes

Listen to size changes at runtime and react accordingly! iOS Statusbar’s height may change in different circumstances, e.g when user receives a call and puts it on background and gets back to your app. So the Statusbar ANE can listen to these changes and customizes your apps position accordingly.



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