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  • Send FCM Mobile Notification From My Computer

    Dispatching a Mobile Notification Sending a mobile notification is a great way to engage your users with your app. Depending on your app logic, you may need to send these notifications automatically from your server or in some cases you may need to manually send a mobile notification to your users. This can be done …

  • App installer tool in ANELAB

    Install .ipa files using the App Installer tool There are times when you need to install your app on your device without compiling your project again. previously you could use iTunes to do the job but iTunes has removed this feature from its software. That’s when we thought we need to add a new tool …

  • Generate App Icon & Assets.car

    Since iOS 11 release, you will need to have “Assets.car” in your build for your app to correctly show the app icon on the screen. If you are still using AdobeAir 27 or lower, you can skip this but sooner or later you will start compiling your app with AIR 28+. If you do that, …

  • Happy 2017 April fool’s day!

    Did you really think we are going to stop supporting the AIR community? Of course we are NOT 🙂 The fact is that we are more powerful than ever before. We have more than a thousand users and club members whom are using our ANEs in their applications. We totally understand that AIR developers are …

  • Ultimate solution to fix Air Native Extension conflict problem

    We are officially allowing all Air Native Extensions providers/developers to use our Common Dependency ANEs free of any charge so the Air community won’t see that scary Air Native Extension conflict error message any more!

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