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  • Send FCM Mobile Notification From My Computer

    Dispatching a Mobile Notification Sending a mobile notification is a great way to engage your users with your app. Depending on your app logic, you may need to send these notifications automatically from your server or in some cases you may need to manually send a mobile notification to your users. This can be done …

  • ANE-LAB Helps You Implement Any AIR Native Extension

    Implementing any AIR Native Extension in your AIR projects sometimes can be very confusing and frustrating. Some ANEs have many manifest .xml setup. Some of them have many dependencies which often are missed. Some of them have external *.framework dependencies and some of them have resource files. And sometimes, some ANEs have all these things …

  • Create A Simple Augmented Reality Video Player using The Wikitude JavaScript API

      So you like to learn how to use the Wikitude JavaScript API? You’re in the right place then! In this tutorial we get you familiar with the Wikitude’s JS API by creating a simple Augmented Reality Video Player. So we assume that you already have implemented the Wikitude’s SDK into your app successfully (the Augmented …

  • How to efficiently override native methods in AIR Native Extensions

      Developing AIR Native Extensions is fun but there are times when things can get too messy (if you’re not familiar how to handle it!) especially when your project requires several ANEs. These ANEs may conflict with each other in obvious or hidden ways. Obvious conflicts are the easy ones, you can just rename your …

  • Happy 2017 April fool’s day!

    Did you really think we are going to stop supporting the AIR community? Of course we are NOT 🙂 The fact is that we are more powerful than ever before. We have more than a thousand users and club members whom are using our ANEs in their applications. We totally understand that AIR developers are …

  • The Adobe AIR Resources Projects

      2016 is almost over and we thought our customers and or better to say, the AIR community deserves a new-year-present from us. Since early December we started planning on developing a very cool software which will give you direct and easy access to the resource files in any AIR Native Extension. You can explore …

  • Ultimate solution to fix Air Native Extension conflict problem

    We are officially allowing all Air Native Extensions providers/developers to use our Common Dependency ANEs free of any charge so the Air community won’t see that scary Air Native Extension conflict error message any more!

  • Adobe Air Facebook SDK opens in safari problem in iOS 9

    iOS 9 SDK issue with the Adobe Air Facebook SDK NOTICE 1: This article is old and is applicable on our Facebook ANE lower than V4.11.0. If you are using FB ANE V4.11.0 or higher, just go with the normal setup explained here https://github.com/myflashlab/facebook-ANE NOTICE 2: Facebook has officially dropped support for fast-app-switching feature on …

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